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Please indicate if Prairieland Park may publicly promote your event? (this could include the Prairieland Park online events calendar, printed listing in The StarPhoenix, outdoor signage*, etc.)
(Outing out does not include directional signage. Any signs, indoor or outdoor, that are used to direct guests to the correct doors or throughout the venue are exempt from any ‘opt-out’ options.)
If YES was indicated above, the following information will be added to the online events calendar.
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Prairieland Park maintains the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. Ad space is subject to availability. Views per minute cannot be provided to the client. Frequency is not guaranteed and will depend on the number of ads in rotation at any given time.

Our legal title is Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation – however, the use of just Prairieland Park is considered acceptable when directing guests or speaking of the venue. To obtain our logo or for full details on our brand identity standards, please contact us directly at

For more information or help with this form, please contact your event coordinator at 306-931-7149 or

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