Prairieland Youth Leadership Conference

This Annual Conference is designed to cultivate leadership skills in current 4-H members throughout the province with a mix of social, interactive and competitive activities.

Fifty senior participants attend a two-day program; parents and guests attend the awards presentation and banquet on Sunday afternoon to conclude the program.


Thousand in Scholarships Awarded Annually
Scholarship amounts for 2018:
1st place – $4,500
2nd place – $3,000
3rd place – $2,500
4th place – $1,000
5th place – $1,000

Schedule – 2018 Conference takes place February 3 & 4

News Releases


SASKATOON, Saskatchewan – The focus was on youth this weekend at Prairieland Park with the annual Prairieland Park Youth Leadership Conference with 50 senior applicants, aged 14 – 21. This conference was held over two days Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26. Activities began on Saturday with presenters Glenda Ball and Corinne Allen from Accelerate Leadership Development instructing the participants on how to “Accelerate your success”. The 4H members were divided into teams and worked out their own strategies for “Success”. Three judges were challenged to assign marks to the participants by observing the teams as they worked as well as a 30 second interview that was conducted on Saturday morning as part of the final marks. First place and a $4,500 scholarship was presented Kody Farrow of the Herds of Thunder Light Horse 4-H Club. Kody is currently in his second year at the University of Saskatchewan. Second place and a $3,000 scholarship was presented to Doug Sroka of the Maidstone Gully Multiple 4-H Club; third place and a $2,500 scholarship was presented to Autumn Lawson of the Catherwood 4-H Beef Club; 4th and 5th places and a $1,000 scholarship went to Codie Lee Yasieniuk of the Reining Riders 4-H Light Horse Club and Sara Grassick of the West Prince Albert 4-H Beef Club. Prairieland Park is pleased to continue to support youth in agriculture along with sponsors, Monsanto, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, the Western Producer, BMO and Saskatoon Co-op.


Entry Criteria – All applicants must be current year 4-H members, 14-21 years old as of Dec. 31
Entries close December 1, 2017


1. Application information sheet
What you NEED to know before applying.
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2. Application Form:
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3. Short Answer Questions
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4. Reference Letter Template (2 references required)
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The sponsors below continue to support youth in agriculture

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